Extra Pictures

There were a significant number of pictures collected for the purposes of the History of St Ringan’s Booklet and web pages.  However, there were still a few which did not quite make it into the publication.  Clicking on the links below can access some of the best of these along with brief descriptions.

Text Box:    Inside the Shetland library looking toward the main doors with mezzanine above and Rose window visible through the banister rail.    Text Box:    Main entrance of new Shetland Library.













Text Box:    Former Bressay Ferry Brenda.  Sitting on the deckhouse at the left is Willie Johnson of The Rectory, Lerwick who was a former member of staff at the Shetland Library.  To find out more about the Brenda click here.

Photos of library 1

Photos of library 2

Photos of library 3

Photos of library 4