The Pirates of the Caribbean

The Curse of the Black Pearl


It is about a girl who lives in a town which is invaded and so she goes on a boat and on that boat she rescues a boy who she falls in love with him.  The girl gets trapped on an island with Jack Sparrow who gets drunk by drinking rum.






Jacqui Ridland


50 First Dates


This film is about a girl who was in a car crash.  She lost part of her brain.  Everyday she does the same thing that she did the day before the crash.  A man does everything he can to make her remember him





Kelsea Blades



A Cinderella Story


A Cinderella Story is basically the same but for older child because Hillary Duff shouts at her boyfriend and kiss and make up.  Very Good!!




Morag Smith



Shark Tale


I like this film because it is funny, dramatic and frightening.  It is about a fish called Oscar that wants to be a somebody not a nobody.  Oscar falls in love with a girl called Ingie.  In the end they both fall in love with each other.





Kirsten McMillan





About a young boy and girl who are in love.  They are on a ship called Titanic.  The ship crashes into an iceberg and Jack gets trapped in the bottom of the boat, they go overboard and Jack drowns.  Excellent!





Aimee Ridland


The Lion King


I like The Lion King because when Simba is growing up and when he is grown up then he is having (fun) with Nola.  This film is very romantic and I will give it out of a scale of 10 it would be about 9.  It is an excellent film.








Brown Sugar


Brown Sugar is about a girl who grew up with hip hop.  Later on in the film she gets a boyfriend and later she gets engaged on new years eve.  Her best friend gets engaged to a mean girl, then get divorced and the girl turns her fiancée down and the friend gets married.





Shannon Stevenson





Danny and Sandy met at a beach.  Sandy had to move, so she could not see Danny anymore.  Sandy’s family decides not to move anymore but Sandy moves school.  Then she happens to go to the same school as Danny.  There was a party thing at the school and they met up.





Michaela Nicolson



Pride and Predjudice


Only recently got round to reading it, delightfully witty and romantic, all the right Mills and Boon type ingredients of feisty heroine and dark brooding but gorgeous man






Shrek is an ogre and he has a friend donkey and he went to the city and the prince wants him to get a princess from a tower and it is guarded by a dragon and they almost got killed.  This is my favourite film because it is funny and it is cool, it’s love.








Song – Fairy Tale of New York by the Pogues and Kirsty McCall


Two bitter lovers trade insults but it ends up funny and heart-warming, lovely melody.  “Can’t make it all alone, I need my dreams around me  …..”




Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier


The heroine of this story marries an older man, Maxime De Winter.  She finds that she has entered unwittingly into a love triangle with the third person, being Rebecca, the dead first wife.  However, all is not as appears or is told to her.  Not until the burning of Manderley, their Cornwall home does the truth emerge.





Anne Kerin



Lord Ullin’s Daughter by Thomas Campbell


Love is strong but not wise, it brings sorrow, not joy.

Nature is awesome in her power; the unwise challenge her.

Grief is the legacy of love.




Shakespeare’s Twelth Night


I think Shakespeare’s twelth night is one of the best love stories of all time.  I find the secret love, the disguise, and the confusion make this a fabulous tale of love and loss.  My favourite part is when Viola is finally discovered by her brother and the Count falls in love with her.  It is a romantic moment that should go down in history.  This is my love story and it is a classic.




Atlas by Ursula Fanthorpe


In my favourite love poem “Atlas” Ursula Fanthorpe shows that although you “may not recapture, that first careless rapture”, you can still with interdependence and the necessary toolkit, go on loving and living “happily ever after” and after.





June Ross-Smith



The Four Loves by CS Lewis


Affection, Friendship, Eros and Charity are the four loves Lewis covers in his own erudite style.  I would not pretend to follow all his references to classical authors.  But find he puts across quite complex, philosophical ideas in such a clear and interesting way.  Thus, “Affection and Eros were too obviously connected with our nerves, too obviously shared with the brutes.  You could feel these tugging at your guts and fluttering in your diaphragm.  But in Friendship – in that luminous, tranquil, rational world of relationships freely chosen – you got away from all that.”





Solomon’s Song of Songs


For my part I think it more meaningful to read the Songs in a modern translation, like NIV, where the speakers are identified.  However this can be a distraction and, reading it first in KJV as a new Christian and a teenager who had his first girlfriend, I appreciate those familiar words too.  The King’s purpose seems to be to disclose of the exquisite charm and beauty of love.  And that this love is a divine gift.  Though God is not mentioned – very PC!




Persuasion by Jane Austen


My favourite love story is Persuasion by Jane Austen.  It is a book all about second chances, told with poignancy not present in her earlier books.  By the end of the story you are just aching for them to get together.  Just beautiful.




Bridget Jones Diary


Hilarious and heart-warming and when they put Colin Firth in the film version my heart melted away!




The Last Time they Met by Anita Shreve


A story of a love affair over many years, sad and painful and a shocking twist in the tale.  Actually not my favourite love story as would prefer a happier one, but a powerful story, worth reading.






This story is about a man called Ted who is a dentist.  He goes to Alaska and meets Barbara who had lots of dogs.  He falls in love with Barbara.  He rents a house and marries Barbara and the dogs are page boy and flower girls.  I like it because a love story and has a happy ending.





Jamie Deyell



Princess Diaries 2


I like Princess Diaries because two people are fighting and they end up getting married.  At first she hates him and then they make up.  They are lots of funny parts in the film.  In one bit they are fighting and aren’t looking and they fall in a water fountain.  I really enjoyed this film and would like to watch it over and over again.





Karrie Fraser