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Most Borrowed

Most borrowed lists for 2019

Library staff with some popular books of 2019

It was a big year for eBooks in 2019, with local author Marsali Taylor again top of the eBook chart, and eAudiobooks really taking off. Ann Cleeves did well too of course, and Jeff Kinney swept the board again in Junior fiction. Top Shetland books included the Morton cookbook, the Shetland Fishermen Yearbook and Christian Tait's novel 'And Darkness Fell'.

Browse the lists of most borrowed here [PDF]

Most borrowed lists for 2018

Marsali Taylor at launch of Cass 6 231117

In 2018, Eleanor Oliphant was completely fine with our readers, even trumping Ann Cleeves in the adult fiction chart. But it was local writer Marsali Taylor who really triumphed, helped by a great performance with eBook readers. As always a great selection of new Shetland books were well borrowed, including the Library's own First World War publications, James and Tom Morton's Shetland cookbook and Douglas Sinclair's 'Old Lerwick'. Read more here:

Physical book list 2018

E-lending list 2018

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Most Borrowed books of 2017
Cold Earth by Ann Cleeves

In 2017, Ann Cleeves regained her crown, beating Lee Child into second place with her seventh Jimmy Perez novel, ‘Cold Earth’. Shetlander Malachy Tallack was top in non-fiction with ‘The Un-discovered Islands’ and the Shetland chart was topped by ‘Bobby the Birdman’, an anthology for Bobby Tulloch. Wimpy Kid still reigned supreme in junior fiction and Harry Potter ruled the audiobook list. There are a lot of other great authors in there so you can check the full list here.

Shetland's most borrowed books of 2017 (PDF).

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Most Borrowed books of 2016

Lee Child Make Me

In 2016 it finally happened! Ann Cleeves was unseated after eight years at the top of the adult fiction borrowing stats, and Lee Chld was the man to do it. We are sure Ann will come back fighting next year. Jeff Kinney continued to be unstoppable, taking all ten top ten places in the junior chart but other authors did well too, as bairns are reading a LOT. Great performance by Laureen Johnson who took first and third place in the Shetland chart as editor of the No 1 book and translator of No 3. Our eAudio is proving popular, especially for Harry Potter fans. Press release

Read the full list of Shetland's most borrowed books 2016 here [PDF]

Most Borrowed books of 2015

Ann Cleeves Thin Air

Ann Cleeves and Jeff Kinney were top lenders yet again in 2015. Who can unseat them? The adult fiction list was dominated by ‘Shetland Noir’ crime authors. Our top picture book was the fantastically popular Gruffalo! Both our own First World War publications did well in the Shetland book chart. Tie-ins between books and films were strong – nearly all the top teenage books are also popular films, while ‘The Martian’ topped the sci-fi book chart and was also one of Mareel’s hit films of 2015. Ebooks, eMagazines and eAudiobooks were also enjoyed by growing numbers of customers.

Read the full list of Shetland's most borrowed books 2015 here [PDF]

Most-borrowed books of 2014

Wiimpy Kid: the last straw

Ann Cleeves was again our top-lending adult author in 2014 with 'Dead Water'- that's seven years in a row now! However, 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zuzak came a close second, getting a boost from the new film. As last year, Jeff Kinney's 'Wimpy Kid' books were the biggest lender of all. Local books loaned well and Millie Vigor took the top spot with 'Catherine of Deepdale' for the second year running. So, not much change at the top, but you might enjoy browsing to see what else is on the lists!

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Read the full list of Shetland's most borrowed books 2014 here [PDF]

Most-borrowed books of 2013

Millie Vigor

Ann Cleeves was our reigning favourite author again, with five of her titles in our top ten most borrowed Adult Fiction books of 2013, and her fifth book from the Shetland series ‘Dead Water’ topping the list. For our junior customers, Jeff Kinney and his Wimpy Kid books were the most popular again this year with an amazing SEVEN of his titles at the top of the list! For the full list of our 2013 most borrowed items including Shetland books, DVDs and music CDs, Read the full list of Shetland's most borrowed books here. [PDF]

Most-borrowed books of 2012

Lowrie book cover

Our most-borrowed author - for the fifth year running - was the wonderful Ann Cleeves, who took the top three fiction spots. 'Blue Lightining' has been our top lending book for three years in a row! Local books continued to be very popular, particularly the new Lowrie talking book. For children, the Wimpy Kid reigned supreme!

Read the full list of Shetland's most-borrowed books 2012 here [PDF]

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Most borrowed books of 2011

Blue Lightning book cover

'Blue Lighting' by Ann Cleeves was the top read for the second year running. Biographies were doing well too, with Jo Brand, Pauline Prescott, Fern Britton, Gervase Phinn, David Jason and Julie Walters all featuring in the non-fiction top ten. Shetland material was as popular as ever, with Robert Johnson's 'Da Wye I Saa It' the most borrowed book and James W. Irvine's 'Lay Hold on Life' topping the talking book chart. Read the full list of Shetland Library's most borrowed books 2011 here [PDF]

Most-borrowed books of 2010

Blue Lightning book cover

Two crime authors dominated the fiction borrowed from Shetland Library during 2010. The most-borrowed book was Blue Lightning by Ann Cleeves, closely followed by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. Top of the children’s fiction was a local book – The Grumpy Old Sailor by Janice Armstrong and Meilo So. In the Shetland book section itself, the most-borrowed book was Laurence Tulloch’s On the Rocks: A Lightkeeper’s Tale. View the full list of most borrowed books

Most-borrowed books of 2009


Ann Cleeves dominated our adult fiction borrowing again in 2009 - Red Bones, White Nights and Raven Black took the top three places. Jacqueline Wilson was the top children's author, and Stephanie Meyer was unbeatable in the young adult section. There were a host of local publications last year, and as ever they loaned well. Top Shetland book was Dr R. J. Robertson's Bombs, boils and brushes. Full list of most borrowed books

Most-Borrowed Books of 2008

white nights cover

Books of local interest dominated Shetland Library's Most Borrowed Books of 2008. Ann Cleeves took first and second place, and local writers Chrissie Sandison and Karen Inkster got fourth and tenth places respectively. Sharon Bolton's Shetland-based thriller Sacrifice came in at number six. Three more books in the top ten only took us as far as Aberdeen: they were the gory thrillers of Stuart MacBride. Khaled Hosseini provided the only two top ten books from the wider world!

Most-borrowed books of 2007

whitethorn woods cover

Shetland Library's most borrowed book of 2007 was Whitethorn Woods by the ever-popular Maeve Binchy. Top with children for the second year running was Garfield the cat, beating the new Harry Potter into second place. Looking at the top 10 most-borrowed books overall, what is most striking is the popularity of local publications. Karen Inkster's book about North Roe - Voices From the Past - is the third most popular - equal with J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Altogether there are five local publications is the top 10, including Ann Cleeves' Raven Black and Ethel Hofman's Mackerel at Midnight, which make it for the second year running. Read the full list



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