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'Poetry For Tea' Playlists...


Week 6 'You couldn't have squeezed another cherub in for love nor money' (U.A.Fanthorpe)

'Furry Bear', 'A Thought', 'The Friend', A.A.Milne, The Complete Poems for Christopher Robin

'Michaelmas', G.F.Dutton

'Carol: Rings and Shepherds', George Mackay Brown - George Mackay Brown recordings at The Poetry Archive

'What the Donkey Saw' and 'BC AD', U.A.Fanthorpe - Fanthorpe recordings at The Poetry Archive

'Mr Nobody', anon.

'Teddy Bear Rap', Margaret Ryan

'The Horses', Ted Hughes

from 'Particle Poems', Edwin Morgan - Morgan recordings at The Poetry Archive


Week 5 'Evil and good stand thick around' (Edwin Muir)

'Going Blind', Rilke

'One Foot in Eden', Edwin Muir

'Request to a Year', Judith Wright

'What ken dey?', Lollie (Laurence) Graham - biography on Shetland Forwirds

'Horses at Christmas', Henry Shukman

'Musee Des Beaux-Arts', Auden


Week 4 - 'still, like dust, I rise' (Maya Angelou)

'Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries', A.E.Housman

'Where Are The War Poets?', C. Day-Lewis

'The Thought Fox', Ted Hughes- link to text and audio recording at The Poetry Archive

'Lizard', D.H.Lawrence

'Fat Man', Douglas Kelly

'Thrift', Alice Oswald - Alice Oswald recordings at The Poetry Archive

'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night', Dylan Thomas - Thomas recordings at the Poetry Archive

'The Donkey', G.K.Chesterton

'L'Horloge', Baudelaire

'L'Homme et La Mer', Baudelaire

'Still I Rise', Maya Angelou

'Eat More', Joe Corrie

'The Albatross', Baudelaire

'The Sun God's Kiss', Haldane Burgess - biography on Shetland Forwirds


Week 3 'nasty little words' (Basil Bunting)

'You're', Sylvia Plath

'Journey of the Magi', T.S.Eliot - recording and text at the Poetry Archive

'Rx For S', August Kleinzahler - Kleinzahler poems & recordings at

'Angle of Vision', Robert Rendall

'Following A Lark', George Mackay Brown - George Mackay Brown recordings at The Poetry Archive

'Untitled' (from a letter to Thomas A. Butts), William Blake

'Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening', Robert Frost - text at

'The Starling', George S.Peterson - biography & texts at Shetland Forwirds

'The Black Hole', Roberto Getto

'100 Differences Between Poetry and Prose', Tom Leonard - Tom Leonard's website

'What the Chairman Told Tom', Basil Bunting - link to audio recording and text at the Poetry Archive

'The Wild Swans At Coole', Yeats (Yeats recordings at the Poetry Archive)

War poems - Kryysztof Kamil Baczynski


Week 2 'shooting using diamonds' (of the poet Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski)

'The True Knowledge', Oscar Wilde

'Futility', Wilfred Owen

'Everyone sang', Siegfried Sassoon - recording & text at The Poetry Archive

'Song of the Little Cripple at the Street Corner', Rilke

'Zennor', Anne Ridler - Ridler at The Poetry Archive

'An Irish Airman Foresees His Death', Yeats

'Conversation', Mihangel Morgan

'In September', Ruthven Todd

'Ozymandias', Shelley


Week 1

translation from Yevtushenko

'Dulce Et Decorum Est', Wilfred Owen

'My Last Duchess', Robert Browning - Browning recording at The Poetry Archive

'Dee and Me', Emily Milne - biography and text at Shetland Forwirds

and others!



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