A selection of books with a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender theme, available from Shetland Library

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Arnott, Jake                                       The long firm

Besson, Phillippe                            In the absence of men

Breneman, Terri                               Delusional

Brownrigg, Sylvia                             Pages for you

Burston, Paul                                   The gay divorcee

Craft, Michael                                   Body language

Cumming, Alan                               Tommy’s tale

Cunningham, Michael                   A home at the end of the world

Cunningham, Michael                   The hours

Darling, Julia                                    Crocodile soup

Dessaix, Robert                                Corfu

Duffy, Stella                                      Calendar girl

Dunker, Patricia                               Hallucinating Foucault

Everett, Percival                               Wounded

Eugenides, Jeffrey                          Middlesex

Forest, Katherine V                         Lesbian pulp fiction

Forster, E.M.                                      Maurice

Gale, Patrick                                     The cat sanctuary

Glass, Julia                                       Three Junes

Hall, Radclyffe                                  The well of loneliness

Highsmith, Patricia                          Carol

Hollinghurst, Alan                           The line of beauty

Kabil, Amjeed                                   Straightening Ali

Keenan, Joe                                     Blue heaven

Kennedy, Brian                                The arrival of Fergal Flynn

Leavitt, David                                    The page turner

Leavitt, David                                    Pages turned from hand to hand

LeRoy, J.T.                                        The heart is deceitful above all things

Lieshout, Ted van                            Brothers

Magrs, Paul                                       Strange boy

Maupin, Armistead                          The night listener

Maupin, Armistead                          Michael Tolliver lives

Murdoch, Iris                                     The bell

Nadel, Barbara                                 A passion for killing

Nichols, Brad                                    Best Gay Love stories

O’Neill, Jamie                                   At swim, two boys

Orton, Joe                                          The boy hairdresser

Picano, Felice                                  Like people in history

Porter, Dorothy                                 The monkey’s mask

Proulx, Annie                                   Brokeback mountain

Renault, Mary                                   The Charioteer

Ridley, Elizabeth                              The remarkable journey of Miss Tranby Quirke

Rule, Jane                                        Desert of the heart

Scott, Lawrence                               Aelred’s sin

Self, Will                                            Dorian, an imitation

Selvaduria, Shyam                          Funny boy

Solomon, Andrew                            A stone boat

Stace, Wesley                                   Misfortune

Stevenson, Richard                        Shock to the system

Toibin, Colm                                     Story of the night

Truong, Monique                             The book of salt

Tym, Kate                                          Living upside down            

Vidal, Gore                                        The city and the pillar

Welsh, Louise                                  The cutting room

White, Edmund                                A boy’s own story

Winterson, Jeanette                        Oranges are not the only fruit

Witkowski, Michal                            Lovetown

Woolf, Virginia                                  Orlando         



Ambrose, Tom                                  Heroes to exiles: gay icons through the ages

Bailey, Paul                                      The stately homo: a celebration of the life of Quentin Crisp

Baker, Paul                                       Hello sailor!: the history of gay life at sea

Beard, Richard                                 Becoming Drusilla

Boy George                                       Straight

Bret, David                                        Rock Hudson

Brooks, Greg                                     Freddie Mercury: his life in his own words

Butters, Wes                                     Kenneth Williams unseen

Cameron, Rhona                             Nineteen seventy-nine : a big year in a small town

Carter, Miranda                                Anthony Blunt: his lives

Clary, Julian                                     A young man’s passage

Crisp, Quentin                                  The naked civil servant

Davidson, James                             The Greeks and Greek love

Duralde, Alonso                               101 must-see movies for gay men

Dyer, Richard                                   Gay Icons

Hill, Nicola                                         A very pink wedding

McLellan, Diana                               The girls: Sappho goes to Hollywood

Miller, Neil                                         Out of the past: gay and lesbian history from 1869 to the present

Naphy, William                                 Born to be gay: a history of homosexuality

Norton, Graham                               So Me

Sappho                                              Stung with love : poems and fragments of Sappho

Slater, Nigel                                      Toast

Stern, Ketih                                       Queers in history

Souhami, Diana                              Wild Girls : the lives and loves of Natalie Barney and Romaine Brooks

Vass, Alex                                         Gay sex, gay health: all you need to know about sex, relationships and sexual health

White, Edmund                                My lives

Wintle, John Edwin                         Breakfast with Tiffany: a memoir