Young Adult LGBT Fiction available at Shetland Library


Birchill, Julie                         Sugar Rush

Blackman, Malorie               Boy’s Don’t Cry

Block, Francesca Lia           Weetzie Bat

Boock, Paula                        Truth, Dare or Promise

Chambers, Aiden                Dance on my Grave

Chambers, Aiden                Breaktime

Chbosky, Stephen               The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Clare, Cassandra                 City of Bones

David, Will                             My Side of the Story

Garden, Nancy                     Annie on my Mind

Green, John                          Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Hartinger, Brent                    Geography Club

Hartinger, Brent                    The Order of the Poison Oak

Johnson, Maureen              Bermudez Triangle

Levithan, David                    Are We There Yet?

Levithan, David                    Boy Meets Boy

Lo, Malinda                           Ash

Moore, Perry                         Hero

Newberry, Linda                   The Shell House

Peck, David                           Sprout

Riordan, James                    The Cello

Sanchez, Alex                      Getting it

Sanchez, Alex                      Rainbow Boys

Tym, Kate                              Living Upside Down