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Basement Browsing
Basement Browsing

First Saturday of every month 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Shetland Roll of Honour


NEW local history for young people

Shetland and the First World War

Gruffalo fright at Shetland Library

Ask a Librarian blog:

featuring Douglas from Shetland Library!

Basement Browsing

Saturday Slaughters comes to Shetland

Find out more about our new Crime Fiction Book Group


Saturday Storytime

Every Saturday at 11.30am

Check here for more details of news and events...

Online reference book of the month is...

Theory Test Pro
Theory Test Pro

The 24-hour Library

Reliable information online - reference books, 24/7.

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers.

You can even practise driving theory and citizenship tests.

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The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

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